Class Expectations

Newspaper Class is a two-semester course designed to develop skills to perform as a professional journalist. Student staff members will be responsible for publishing print and online news, features and commentaries using professional legal and ethical standards.

Supplies Needed:               

  • Laptop, fully charged!
  • Writing utensils and notebook to be organized
  • Folder to contain ongoing portfolio collection of published work, reflections and professional published writing samples to be used for final semester exams


  • To develop skills in community beat reporting and interviewing
  • To practice skills as a writer of news, features and commentaries
  • To meet all deadlines
  • To learn and apply legal standards used by professional journalists
  • To explore and apply ethical decision-making models in unique situations
  • To contribute to all aspects of publishing, including design and advertising
  • To practice teamwork through staff production processes
  • To be organized and manage time effectively
  • To be curious and committed to discovering best examples of professional journalism to inform personal practices
  • To reflect on personal work and staff experiences to improve in the future

Classroom Policies:

  1. Commit to attaining professional journalistic standards.
  2. Sign out every time you leave the classroom on newspaper business.
  3. Use professional journalistic standards when outside of the classroom on newspaper business.
  4. Cell phones may not be used to socialize, but may be used to conduct staff responsibilities.
  5. Ipods may be used at times to enhance (not disrupt) staff work.
  6. No food or drinks near the computers…only at the staff table.
  7. All rules in the LHS Student Handbook will be followed. Be informed: read the rules.
  8. Parents will provide permission (or not) for all forms of student travel. (See form)
  9. The staff will compile a staff manual during the first three weeks of school to guide staff working policies and expectations throughout the year.

 Outside of Class Communication: I am happy to communicate with students and family via email, phone or personal conference at school. 736-5340 x2827


Adviser Grading Expectations for Class:

  • The adviser recommends that only stories scoring 90% should be published. Student editors may decide to publish stories scoring below 90%. This will not affect overall grading: stories will be scored objectively regardless of student publishing choices, which means a published story may earn a grade lower than 90%. Students will work from scoring guides from beginning to end of the writing process, and writing should improve with time and practice based on editor and adviser guidance. The final story submitted to the adviser will earn the final grade, and may appear in revised form upon publication based on Editor-in-Chief editing decisions. Final stories scoring below 75% will be held for improvement before publication.
  • Written content drives design. Student design editors are responsible for expecting, featuring, supporting and enhancing high quality writing. Scoring guides for design will be provided at the beginning of each design process.
  • All staff members will write at least one high-quality news, feature or opinion story per month. Advanced Publication students will also design and manage all pages for production.
  • All staff will earn a grade for participating in ethical and responsible decision-making processes in collaboration with an Editorial Board before editorial voting.
  • Grades will be based on work process and quality, monthly community beat responsibilities, story ideas, meeting deadlines, practicing ethical and legal standards, teamwork and a completed portfolio at the end of each semester for final exams. Each student will be graded on advertising sales contact effort, but grades are not based on money earned.
  • Students must respect educational expectations related to all aspects of staff participation. Three published writing inaccuracies or three missed deadlines will result in probation from publishing for at least one month while other work requirements will continue, with emphasis placed on practice of verification techniques and meeting deadlines. Any attempt to knowingly commit libel, invade privacy, disrupt school activities or include obscene remarks (including innuendo) or sabotage publication will result in drop from staff and discipline referral. All staff members are expected to maintain at least a B average in class. If maintaining a B is a problem by the end of first semester, we will talk about dropping for second semester.        A= 100% – 90%          B= 89% – 80%
  • Because this is a student-led class, the adviser will work closely with the Editor-in-Chief to manage all aspects of daily class. Staff should always work together to solve all issues and run the paper to the best of their ability to produce the most professional work product possible.



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