Liberty Writing Style

Writing Style


  • Always end a quote with grade, name, said. (“A lot of kids are really excited,” junior Jane Doe said.”)
  • DO NOT capitalize grades! (junior, senior, sophomore)
  • When you have a long quote, break it up with “grade Name said” after the first sentence. (“I really enjoyed working with the teams this year,” sophomore Jane Doe said. “Jon is an exceptional student. Blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah.”)
  • If they are a faculty member, end the quote with their position or the class they teach Name said. USE FIRST AND LAST NAMES! (“A lot of kids are really excited,” Precalculus teacher John Smith said. OR “A lot of kids are really excited,” assistant principal Rebecca Williams said.)
  • After introducing a person once in your story, only call them by their last name from then on, including after a quote. (Sophomore Jane Doe plans on running cross-country next year. “I have bonded so much with the team,” Doe said.)

Changing Quotes:

  • You may NOT change the context of what the person is saying. Changing quotes is only for clarification or correcting grammar.
  • Changes and clarifications are separated from the original quote by brackets.


  • Double space
  • Don’t indent with the tab button. Indent with three spaces.
  • Use contractions sparingly unless writing an opinion piece.
  • Don’t abbreviate the year, except when used to identify alumni.

Liberty — Things to Remember

  • Capitalize Liberty (Ex: Liberty athletics)
  • Refer to Liberty High School as LHS. Do not type it out.
  • S and C are capitalized for student council and they are always referred to as StuCo.
  • Men’s tennis, women’s tennis. Do not say “girls” or “boys” and remember to use apostrophes.
  • Spectator or The Bell are capitalized.
  • Blue Jay is two words and capitalized.

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